7 Easy Healthy Lifestyle Tips for College Students

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Being a college student is one of the best experiences of my life. Well, talking about how I go out from my parents’ house for the first time, it was because I decided to enter the university.

Despite all the great experiences, there must be troubles also. One of them is in term of keeping my body health in the middle of hectic schedules, tiring activities, and of course, limited money.

The healthy lifestyle is indeed needed by all the college students. Indeed, I might not apply all of them during my college time. But if you have more chances to do them, it is much better for sure. So, what are the healthy lifestyle tips particularly if you are still a college student? Check them out.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for College Students – Breakfast

When you are still at home, your mom may prepare anything before you go to school including the breakfast. Now, even if you are far from your mom, it doesn’t mean that this habit must be left behind. Make sure to always have breakfast before starting your activities.

The breakfast itself should not be that complex main menu. Just make sure to provide some buns of bread to be eaten one by one every day. If you have nothing in your storage, spare your time to go to the canteen after the first course is over.

Why is it so important to have breakfast? Naturally, it is needed by your body due to the reduction of sugar level once you wake up in the morning. Meanwhile, enough sugar level is indeed to make your brain work optimally. So, the sugar blood level is undeniably important to concentrate and focus on what your lecturer says.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for College Students – Good Food Consumptions

Again, without your mom around, it doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want to eat. You still to limit the junk foods and soda consumptions if you don’t want to be disappointed later. Yes, when you are young the effects may not be felt yet. The older you are, you can just simply feel that your bad consumptions in the past lead to so many troubles.

Make sure to spare your money to buy fruits and vegetables. If you don’t have to cook them by yourself, you can just buy it. It seems that there must be some canteens around the colleges that still provide healthier foods. Well, it is even if you may need to spend more money on them.

Drink More Pure Water

Aside from the foods as the main menu and snacks, pure water is also recommended to consume more. Enough pure water helps you to improve the concentration as well as keeps the eating pattern so that it will not be too much.

You can bring a bottle of pure water when going to the campus. Besides, rather than buying the sweet beverages too often, it is much better to drink the pure water after eating.

More Physical Activities

Okay, it is much better for sure if you can spare your time to do some exercises regularly. But again, for the hectic schedule, it is probably something difficult to realize.

To replace the formal exercises then, you can do more physical activities. Here is a good example. Rather than riding a car or motorcycle to the college, it is much better to walk or ride the bicycle. If you do it every day, there are more calories to be burnt anyway. Then, your metabolism can run better as well as it keeps the inner body’s organs healthy and working more properly.

Stop the Alcohol Consumption

I know that stopping alcohol may make you not cool in front of your friends and maybe your crush. But you can just show them later that this decision is definitely not bad and even very good.

It is indeed not a secret that too much alcohol consumption is a source for so many health problems. Yes, severe diseases like renal failure, heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer, and more are simply led by the alcohol. You probably cannot feel the effect now because you are still young. But some years later, the bad effects are real.

Sadly, one of the alcohol’s bad effects can just even be experienced only some hours later. Of course, if you drink too much at night, there are big chances for being overslept so that you cannot join the course in the morning.

Stop Smoking

Being adults also become an excuse for many people to smoke. Since starting from 18 years old is considered as an adult, many college students then decide to smoke.

Although many smokers claim that this habit reduces stress, it is not recommended for so many reasons. It should not be explained more anyway that smoking causes problems like heart attack, liver problems, tumor, cancer, high blood pressure, and more. You even don’t need to wait for so many times to feel the effects.

Moreover, the smoking habit tends to disturb other people around. Let’s say you live in a boarding house or a dormitory where your friends are not smoking. It is not only your health that is threatened but also them. So, don’t be too selfish about this.

Enough Rest and Sleep

No matter how busy your schedule is, you must spare your time for yourself. It is particularly for taking a rest or sleeping. It is so much better if you can avoid staying up at night even for relevant reasons like studying or working on the tasks. So, make sure to arrange your schedule well by listing a proper period of time for sleeping there.

There are so many benefits if you can sleep normally. It makes you more focused on studying in the morning. Besides, it also simply improves your mood as well as reduces the production of hormones that cause stress. Enough sleep tends to strengthen your immune system so that cannot be easily ill. So, it is reasonable then if this interesting activity is included in the list of healthy lifestyle tips for college students.

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